Headwear Junkie


I recently went to Mexico and as soon as I saw these scarves I knew I had to have some. I’ve been trying to find head-wraps for the longest but they were always either too bulky, or too expensive. These gorgeous scarves were only $2 a piece and I have the luxury of wrapping them however I want. They make a great headband, or can be tied in a bow or a knot for a cute design. Even though spring /summer is practically over I still think floral print is just something that should can be worn year round if you match it right. For example the solid orange scarf could easily be worn with a brown shirt and some deep green and burnt orange accessories. or the Pink floral one can be matched with an all black outfit with burgundy accessories. Another option is matching the bright colored scarves with other mute colors like: cream, black, grey or deep colors like forest green or purple. Twisting the scarves together will offset some of the bright colors and make it more fall appropriate!

Ps: I will be posting pics this week of different ways that I’ve styled some of the scarves! So stay tuned!



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