My Fall Must Haves!

So now that the latest trends for fall are out, I went rummaging through my closet to too what it is i already had and what goodies I was going to buy. My must haves for the new season are

spring2013overallsI think its safe to say the 90’s are backkkkk!! I love the new overall trend and I cant way to get my hands on a new pair? My favorite is the neon pink!

two tone skinnyI must say I am digging the two toned jean. This is definitely something I would wear. I wouldn’t buy too many though because when it goes out of style(which it will), it will be hard to disguise. Every now and then a new style hits and its either a really big fad, never to be seen again or its a major hit and if its really good it will become a classic. I have a feeling that this two toned denim thing is just a fad; but its a fad I’m willing to try!

oxfordsI absolutely love these oxfords. They are neutral tone which can be used in professional setting and the bows add a nice color to it that give the look something different. Super cute!

Well that’s all for my must haves this fall. What are yours!!?


One comment

  1. bnewsam · April 2, 2014

    Fall is when I pull out my darker, richer colors like plums, browns and deep reds. I also love to add in textured clothing like corduroy. Still looking for a new pair of boots.


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