Makeup for Beginners

Makeup to me has always been a foreign language. You have to have the right brushes, know what color is best for your eye color and skin, and then how to actually apply it is a whole other world in itself. So since I am a beginner I like buying makeup kits that explain how to apply the eyeshadow; where it goes etc. DSCN0022 Elf is something i discovered while reading a magazine. It says where each color goes which makes it easier for someone like me who has no idea what to do. I bought the light brown for an easy day look. The Rimmel brand in general is my go to for that dark and sexy look for a night out. I have their smokey eye kit and now the smoke purple kit. This line tends to be really rich with color so if you are looking for a light look Rimmel is probably no the brand for you. I will be posting pictures this week of what it looks like after application. Both of these items can be found at Target and affordable too!



  1. rubyangel711 · July 26, 2013

    Love e.l.f cosmetics! I’m one of their regular on-line shoppers:)


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