Lipstick Magic

So I recently discovered the wonders of a what poppin lipstick and eyelashes can do to your face. DSCN0044 I don’t know if its just me but i always had this perception that lipstick never looked good on dark skinned people , so i was always stayed away from it. But I went to Mac and the makeup artist worked wonders and made me fall in love with this plum lipstick. Now I cant wait to go back for more. So excited to start my makeup collection!!

Eyes: Rimmel Smokey Plum( listed in my last post)

Lipstick: Mac

Eyelashes: Voluminous eyelashes. Also from MAC.

Hair: I styled it with a curling wand and then brushed the curls out a paddle brush to get the wave. Below is another look!




  1. bnewsam · April 2, 2014

    I love brighter colors but am always nervous about wearing them. Might just have to wear them now, as it’s spring and brights are in!


    • aprettythought · April 5, 2014

      If your ever nervous about wearing something to bright; you can always pair it with a blazer or something to mute the color!

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