So for those of you that don’t know I am built straight up and down. I have no curves. So for my figure i usually wear fit and flare dresses(left photo), Colorblocking(left photo) or Peplum(right photo)

Desktop10 Height: 5’8

Fit and flare: This silhouette works great for adding curves because it tightens in the waist and flares at my most widest part which is my torso. I love that it was tight on top( making my chest look slimming and flattering).

Colorblocking: Not only does it give a great design to the dress, but it also allows you to accentuate favored areas of your body. For example mine is my long legs, so i chose a color blocking dress that had vertical lines making me look taller and slimmer.  Since its white, to black to green it makes the eye look top to bottom(slimming), as opposed to side to side(wide). Plus who doesn’t love a pop of color!

Peplum: I recently just discovered Peplum and i love it!, I know its a big trend right now but i always thought the ruffles in the waist would always make me look wider…WRONG!. It gives my body such great dimension.  The peplum in the dress gives me an indent in my waist that i naturally don’t have and therefore creating a curvy look. I accessorized it with a gold plated belt and gold whoops.




  1. nataliejo210 · July 30, 2013

    I love this article! Check out my blog? I just started and it would mean so much if you could look at my latest article
    Followed btw ❤


  2. ikatness · July 30, 2013

    This is totally cute!


  3. bnewsam · April 5, 2014

    Peplums are really cute, but my legs aren’t very long. Not sure they’d look good on me, but it works for you! 🙂


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