Accesories Make The World Go Round: The Black Dress


I am a firm believer in the theory” accessories make or break an outfit” (besides hair of course). I used to keep a wider variety but lately I’ve been trying to stick to accessories that I would actually use; because I used to be that shopper that would just buy earrings because they were cute; but then I never had anything for them to go with. Now I take a more practical approach. If you’re an accessory lover like me you know how easy it is to lose an earing; have a jewel or piece fall out; or my all-time favorite: losing the back of your earing. So I keep everything super organized so that I not only can see what I have but so that nothing gets forgotten about. (Dusty jewelry is the worse!)

The “Black Dress”: My mother bought me this for my graduation and I think it’s the best thing since sliced bread!  It’s meant to hold all your expensive jewelry and then be hung in your closet with the rest of your clothes as a “black dress” so that if someone were to ever break in your home; they would never be able to find your jewelry since it wouldn’t be in a typical jewelry box. My Godmothers home was broken into and they stole her jewelry so ever since then she uses the black dress and it’s worked great thus far. I personally only have costume jewelry in it so I hang mine outside my closet because I like to be able to see it as I’m getting ready. But for those of you who have roommates (especially if they are sketchy roommates) then this may be a great purchase for you so that no one can come and use your stuff. The front portion is where I have all my earrings and the back is for necklaces.  My recommendation to you is that make sure your jewelry is either costume(cheap and replaceable) or high quality because leaving sterling silver, cubic zirconia etc. can often rust if left out in the open. So I would be careful which jewelry you actually use the black dress for.

Check back in tomorrow to see what other nifty items I use to organize my accessories!





  1. parsimoniouspenny · August 4, 2013

    This is so gorgeous! I use a little hanging thingy with pouches to organise my stuff too but it was from pound world and is nowhere as pretty as this, love how it’s so chic and girly =)


    • aprettythought · August 6, 2013

      THanks doll! You definetly should look online and try and find one. I know they are really affordable!


  2. rubyangel711 · August 4, 2013

    Such an innovative idea! Love it!


  3. pinkiepromiseerin · August 28, 2013

    OMG! I may be trying this soon!
    Please check my blog out and leave some feedback ( If you want )
    Erin x


  4. bnewsam · April 5, 2014

    Now that’s a unique idea! Love it! May have to find one soon!


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