Revamp the Runway: Vera Wang

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Today is all about ms vera wang!

Jacket: since the dress is in vera wang’s fall wedding collection and its all black, I thought it only fitting that I make an edgy outfit. The dress has a bustier top so to keep some structure I decided to do a black jacket with strong shoulders.

Pants: I did a “peplum pant” to represent the flow of the bottom half of the dress.

Shirt: Simple Beige top to tie in the color of the dress.

Shoes: I love these Jeffrey Campbell shoes and I think they work great for day and night wear. I prefer the all black leather ones. And the added spikes is great for going out.

Makeup: Since the outfit is already really edgy and structured I thought a Smokey eye would go perfectly.

If you have any questions on where to buy this outfit leave a comment below!



  1. Sophie · August 4, 2013

    Peplum pants! I haven’t seen them before. Love the outfit and of course Vera!


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