Accessories Make: PT 2

The Box:


My jewelry box is pretty simple. I actually don’t even use all of its functions but my favorite thing about it is the top part. It has a mirror and a place for all my rings and studs etc. As you can see mine isn’t perfectly organized but for the most part I have my rings in the little boxes and my studs throughout the rest of it.

Tip: I also save all the backs of my earrings; extra ones from broken/lost earrings. I bring them with me on vacation or whenever I’m traveling because if I ever drop a back I never have to get on the floor looking for it because I have extras! Also sometimes certain backs are more comfortable/durable than others.

I usually keep my nice stuff in there because I don’t want it to turn or rust. It’s the best way to keep my good stuff clean! It holds all my pendant jewelry where as my “black dress” has my long consume necklaces or chokers. My Jewelry box is from JcPennys and I bought it around Christmas. They had a ton on sale. Mine was only $28.

Tip: If you are an accessories lover like me this jewelry box is too small for you. I wish I could have bought a bigger one if I had a chance. So if you see a nice one on sale and its big get it!



  1. bnewsam · April 5, 2014

    I’m with you on needing a bigger box. Mine is a lot smaller than yours, but I have a few other containers/bags I store my jewels in. It’s so hard to fit it all in one place!


    • aprettythought · April 5, 2014

      Look during the holidays! JcPennys had a ton; i just picked one too small. You can also find some great organizers on amazon or ebay!


      • bnewsam · April 6, 2014

        Will have to look at JCP. Love Amazon, so I might check there, too! It’s fun having a variety of jewelry, but housing it is a challenge sometimes!


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