My Eat.Pray.Love


Ever have those movies where you watch it and every time you learn something new? Well that’s how I feel about the movie Eat.Pray.Love. Not only am I die hard Julia Roberts fan but I related so much to her character Liz that I get inspired every time I watch it. And as I was staring at a blank page trying to figure out what to blog about today I turned on the TV and the movie was on!  Instantly I thought; I want to wake up every day and feel as free, rejuvenated and inspired as she did in that movie. Now of course I can’t just pick up and go halfway across the world but I did decided to redecorate my bedroom with quotes, photos and anything inspiring and refreshing to wake up too.

My first quote on my wall is this plaque that I was given for my graduation. First quote for my new wall of encouragement! What little notes do you use for inspiration?2.22.13




  1. yourothermotherhere · August 8, 2013

    My inspiration comes from posts like this one!


  2. bnewsam · April 2, 2014

    I love to save fortune cookie sayings. Surprisingly, there are some wise words that come from those cookies!


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