The Navy Blue Rule

Ever been looking for that perfect outfit that shifts great from work to a night on the town with your friends? Have you ever found it?…..Because if you have then your definitely one step ahead of me!. I recently started working full time and I’m always trying to find that outfit that shifts from day to evening without having to bring extra clothes are add too much. Luckily I work in the fashion industry so I don’t have to wear the typical business attire like most people….But if you are one of those people who do then I have a new rule for you to follow!. I call it the Navy Blue Rule. Navy is a great color to switch from day to night; especially for the upcoming fall and winter seasons. It can easily be dressed down or with playing with accessories, jackets etc. The best universal dress of all time is the shift dress. It’s sophisticated enough for the work place, and easy to accessorize for your personal style. Especially if you are built straight up and down like me, or if you have long legs then the shift dress should be your must have!



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