The Difficult Shoe Shopper

I am what you call a difficult shoe shopper. I don’t wear heels, or sneakers. I only like boots and sandals, and I never want to spend over $45. And I forgot to mention…..I wear a size 11. Nobody carries a size 11. So it takes me foreverrrrr to find a pair of shoes that I like and are my size. Every now and then I will splurge with a nice pair of Steve maddens, or DSW will have a really good deal; but for the most part my closet consists of shoes from good ole Target.   I’m someone that loves versatility and since shoes for me are so hard to come buy I have to stick to things that can be transitional, and simple enough not to stand out to much( so people don’t realize you’re wearing the same shoe every day!). If your reading this and nodding in agreement with everything I’m saying then you’re in for a treat!. Below are a few basic shoes that are needed for every difficult shoe shopper.

The strappy sandal:  I prefer my heels shorter…..actually A LOT shorter. I’m 5’8 so I have enough height already. But a strappy sandal is great because it can be used in the work place, transitions from work to play, and can also be dressy (for a wedding, birthday etc.). Its best to get one in Nude or Black, or even better, a sandal that is both colors.

Strappy-Sandal-heels One

The flat: Flats are always either too narrow or too wide, so I always have a hard time keeping my foot from falling out, and what I hate most is that terrible rub burn you get on the back of your heel. An ankle strap flat can easily fix this problem, and your foot will stay secure.

ankle-strap-flats two

The Boot: Aside from your typical rain boot, Ugg, or any other weather related boot the mid-calf boot is next to perfect. For those of you who have wide calves and can’t do a tall boot, or for those who prefer booties over boots the mid-calf boot is a great combination. I will say however that it does tend to be more of a day shoe, whereas a tall boot or a bootie can be worn to work and events that require dressing up.


The Summer Sandal: Bedazzled sandals are not only cute, they are simple enough to be casual and fancy enough to be dressy. Since I’m not a huge fan of wearing heels, even if it is for a special event, I know I can never go wrong with a jeweled flat sandal. Depending on how you accessorize it this shoe can be very versatile.

images 4


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