Winter White

I recently went to a fashion trade show and I was totally unsure of what was appropriate to wear. So I went shopping for a few of my basic essentials. For starters I got a light sweater.

Since I like versatility I’m always trying to look for outfits that are easy to wear and still presentable and fashionable. When it comes to sweaters (especially crew neck sweaters) they tend to shorter your neck (making you look like you have broad shoulders) and they are often not very long (they usually cut off at the waist) which makes you look wider. So to deviate from some of the unattractive features of a crew neck, it is best either want to buy one with texture (design pattern) or with color. In this case I bought one with texture, and I stuck to a basic color (in particularly white) because it can be easily dressed up but cute enough to be worn by itself.


On the left is how I would dress it up for the show, and then on the right is how I would dress it down. Most girls don’t wear hats like these but I enjoy them because I think it gives a rough edge to such a girly look. And it’s a great fix to a bad hair day or for when you’ve worked all day and you don’t have time to fix your hair before you go out. I wouldn’t wear a hat to dinner but I would quickly throw one on for a trip to the movies, or grabbing ice cream with friends. Going out doesn’t always mean drinks and dinner!. Obviously there are other ways to dress up/down this sweater, but this is how I would wear it to match my style!. What would you guys do!?

Check back tomorrow to see what other items I bought and why!


One comment

  1. bnewsam · April 2, 2014

    White is a great color because you can throw on a colorful statement necklace and it’s an outfit. Dark jeans/pants and some cute shoes, and you’re good to go! 🙂


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