Darling Denim

I personally think denim can look a little boyish, or too casual. It totally fits my style but for those who like a more girly approach to denim or a way to doll it up then this post is for you!.

I recently bought this cute chambray shirt from forever 21. The two main things that make a garment “feminine” or “masculine” are cut and color/print. (Just a little tip for ya!). This shirt is sleeveless; making it perfect to wear during summer or warmer fall months and easy to throw a jacket over it for cooler months. The anchor print definitely adds a younger and fresher feel to the shirt making it easy to wear with a cute pair of pearls, or like the model has it with a fedora hat. If you’re someone who likes to mismatch crazy prints this shirt can go well with just about anything. You can either stick to a plain jean or do something crazy like a floral print. The only thing I would stay away from is dipped died denim or any other type of denim print; because it will clash with the shirt. When it comes to prints you either have to completely mismatch or do one print shirt and the jean plain. Below are a few ways I would dress it up.

38591714-01 l

  1. Light wash jean: This allows the shirt to be the main focus. A dark wash jean would fade it out the detailing of the shirt
  2. Printed Pant(not jean! They are different!): Just because it’s a print doesn’t mean it has to be loud!!. Pants that have a darker fabric with light tones like yellow flowers etc, are a good way to wear print without it being overbearing. Also prints that are spread out( the flowers are wide and all over the jean as opposed to small and printed everywhere) make it less chaotic.
  3. Polka dots: the white polka dots match the anchors on the shirt. Polka dots are also a very feminine print so this is good for those who like a girly style!
  4. Denim Jacket(bottom left): Very vintage style. The jacket is loose so you will still be able to show off the shirt.

What not to wear: Bomber denim jacket(top left): Although this jacket is denim, it will completely over power the chambray shirt. This jacket is heavy and the leather on the arms will distract from the print.

Well those are just a few ways on how I would wear it! What would you do!??


One comment

  1. bnewsam · April 2, 2014

    You can dress up most anything with a cute necklace, bangle or scarf. I’d like to pair the chambray top with some nice pants (maybe dark or black denim) and cute sandals or heels.


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