Sandal Mania


My motto when it comes to buying things is: when you find something you like….buy it in everyyyyyy color! And that’s exactly what I did. Target had a great sandal sale and I bought these sandals in every color they had available. Not to mention they were only $5! I love a good everyday sandal and the black and cognac color is just right.

The Aldo shoes cost me $45 but they are really comfortable and they look kind of dressy so it makes them easy to wear from day to night. If your closet consists of crazy prints, or classic styles like mine then nude tends to go a lot better with your wardrobe.( as opposed to black)

The tennis shoes were sort of an impulsive buy. Now that I have them I actually don’t know what to wear them with. I think I just got overly excited with the sale at target!. These shoes would go with a nice pair of skinny’s, but the material is suede so be careful when wearing them outside! They wouldn’t be shoes that I could wear every day because they look like they could get dirty or scuffed easily. But it’s good for the rare

Boots: Besides sandals, boots are my next favorite shoe! I typically like flat sandals but I bought these because my job sometimes requires a little dressing up (I work in the fashion industry) so I figured a low heel would be the best for my style and for work.


One comment

  1. bnewsam · April 2, 2014

    I thought I was the only one who bought my sandals in bulk. 🙂 If they fit, why not?


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