Bow vs. Julia Roberts

Recently I’ve been looking for a fragrance; something light enough that I could wear it on a daily basis and that can kind of be my signature scent.  As I was flipping through a magazine I noticed this Dior picture.Natalie-Portman-Miss-Dior-ad

For those of you who don’t know I have an obsession with bows, and when I looked at this I thought “if it has a bow then it must be for me.” But thennnnnnn I flip the page over and I see my favorite actress of all time! Julia Roberts!

julia roberts

And of course she is doing an ad for another fragrance! So now I’m torn, because I love bows and I love Julia Roberts just as much.

I have yet to smell either fragrance so of course that will be the determining factor; but based off the ads I’m already having a hard time choosing.

If you have either of these fragrances or are familiar with the brands let me know which one you like best!


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