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Now that I’m a full time worker my only time to go shopping is on the weekends; in which case the mall is packed with teens, clothes are everywhere and you get stuck with terrible customer service. In an attempt to keep my sanity I’ve turned to online shopping. Here are a few of my favorite sites and why!

  1. Asos: It literally has everythingggggg. It can almost be overwhelming. It’s a one stop shop for both women and men. Shipping: Asos is based in UK so if your in USA( like me) then shipping can take at least 5 days. Quality: Great. I had one dress from their and loved it. Just make sure you get your sizes right because sometimes they can be a little big
  2. Nasty Gal: Has a lot of fast fashion pieces but better quality than forever 21 and Charlotte Russe. Some of their stuff can be overpriced. Mainly would shop there for shirts with cool prints or accessories
  3. Threadsence: If you love free people then you will adore Threadscene. Basically the same thing but online and slightly more affordable.
  4. Mango: Just like Zara but online. If you’re petite or if you have a slimming figure then companies like Zara and Mango are great for you. European edgy yet sophisticated style. I personally have a large chest and sometimes their clothes can be a little unforgiving. But I love the style
  5. Revolve Clothing: A boutique version of Nordstrom, Bloomingdales and Saks combined. Far more youthful than all of those department stores and a ton of product. Another one stop shop for all designer clothing. Some of their stuff is out my price range but if you catch it on sale it’s a great deal!
  6. Lulus: Love this store because of its variety with color. They even have a search option that lets you look clothes via color. I mainly buy my summer dresses from here. They have some fun prints and are always on trend with the colors for the season. Right now they have some beautiful pastels for spring on sale!

Tips for Online Shopping:

If you are that shopper that is not sure of your size or hates online shopping because you cant try it on. Here are some tips for you.

  1. Go to a department store or a store like Fredericks of Hollywood or Victoria secret and get sized. Have them measure your bust and waist (inseam too if you’re going to be buying jeans). This will help you pick your sizes using the size chart on the website.
  2. Look at the fabrics and the cut of the shirt. Usually in the description it will tell you if its 100% cotton, or polyester etc. I’m a fashion major so I know what fabrics are what but if you don’t then I would advise looking it up.

-Fabrics: Cotton usually has minimum stretch so if the shirt already looks small/tight then you know to go a size up. If the shirt has rayon or polyester then it could have some stretch so you may be able to do your normal size.

-Cut: If it’s a high low shirt and you have large breast( like myself) then the shirt is going to sit higher up which will mean it will be more High than low!. Be mindful of the cut and fit; if it’s a slouchy baggy fit go a size down.

Hope these tips help!

XOXO Kierra

If your looking for some fast fashion pieces check out this blog post for a few more online websites.


One comment

  1. bnewsam · April 2, 2014

    Great tips! I also have issues with my chest being larger.

    Definitely couldn’t survive the holidays without online shopping. It’s so much easier and less stressful to avoid crowds and relax with a warm drink while browsing online!


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