Movie March

movies collage

In case you didn’t know I am really into movies; especially Disney/Pixar. I have a fairly large movie collection already but each month I’ve been adding to it. This is what I got this month.

Monsters University: One of my favorites. Just a great light hearted movie. I love that the whole movie was centered around Greeks; because I’m also in a sorority. So I could relate and laugh about some of the stuff referenced in the movie.

Frozen: Love this movie. I commend Disney for breaking away from the whole “prince comes and saves the day” storyline. Brave and now Frozen are one of my favorite movies because of that. I like a lot of the songs in Frozen but the music is a little overkill. Every character had a song! Too much for me

Hunger Games Catching Fire: One of the greatest sequels ever. The first movie was absolutely phenomenal and this completely tops it off. Unfortunately one of the things that makes the movie great is the ending and once you know how it ends it kills a little of the suspense for me. But I’m very anxious to see the third one!

Now you see me: Another fascinating movie. Must buy in blu ray because the effects are amazing. It has a big clincher at the end so again once you know that it takes away the suspense but it is still a very fun movie to watch. Definitely worth adding to my movie collection.

I would love to hear what some of your favorite movies are!?


Ps: Movie tip I learned: Always preorder your movies, especially if you want to buy the Blu-ray collector’s edition. If you pre-order the price is the same as a regular dvd( $20); whereas once its released it can be anywhere from $25-30. If you don’t want to pre-order then I would suggest buying movies the first week they come out( movies are released every Tuesday), they are always cheaper the first week by like $3-$5.



  1. bnewsam · April 2, 2014

    I really want to see Frozen and heard there was a lot of songs. Still want to see it, even if it’s a little overkill on the tunes. Haven’t watched Brave yet, but it’s on my list, too!


  2. bnewsam · April 2, 2014

    Forgot to add my favorite movies: Love the original Parent Trap with Hayley Mills, Romeo & Juliet, the Pirates of the Caribbean series, and Home Alone!


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