Win a Giftcard to Sephora, MAC or Ulta!

Hey Ya’ll! Lately I’ve been having great success with my blog but I wanted to switch it up and do something fun…So I decided to have a contest! This month’s contest will be all about Beauty. The winner will receive a gift card for Ulta, Sephora, or MAC! I live in a big city so I have access to all of these stores; however I am aware that some cities only have a local Ulta or a Macys( in which case you could use your MAC gift card), so no need to worry because there will be something for everybody! The person with the most points will receive an email from me announcing that they are the winner! Here is how to win:

Share a post/Link a post in your blog: 3pts

Follow my blog: 2pts

Follow my blog on Instagram: 1pt

Follow my blog on Twitter: 1pt

Comment on a blog post: 1pt

The contest starts TODAY and ends April 9th at midnight. That’s 2 whole weeks!

**If there is a tie, I will choose a winner between the people that tied**

Since this contest is all about beauty feel free to comment with any great beauty tips you may have! Ps: these comments count as points!! Good Luck and May the Odds be Ever in your Favor! XOXO -Kierra



  1. aprettythought · April 5, 2014

    Thanks doll! I think sephora is Ok. Im not really into makeup so I prefer to shop a little bit more affordable like Ulta. I go to MAC’s for lipstick and the rest of the stuff I can get from Target or Ulta!

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    • aprettythought · April 6, 2014

      Omg i was scared too for the exact same reason! But i love mac!; ive also noticed that when you wear foundation and thow on some eylashes i can usually pull off bright lipsticks etc. You just have to dress it up a little bit. since i dont have time in the morning to do a full makeup routine i throw on some lashes and some foundation and im good to go!


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