Three Closets=Clothes Galore

As most of you know I have a ton of clothes. One of my first posts was about how I managed my tiny closet .  And since then my wardrobe has grown tremendously. I recently moved into a bigger apartment, so I have a ton of space. However I still need three closets…yes 3!!. Here is how I organize my not so tiny closet.

For starters the plastic bins that I had before are gone. ( I now use them for other things). I have a walk in closet.

walk in closerThis holds all my boots/shoes and jackets as well as 2 big bins filled with purses and more jackets( at the bottom)

slidingMy second sliding closet has all of my dresses. Both evening and summer. This is also where I keep my amazing accessories black dress

closet clsoet4My third closet I bought from Ikea. It was originally $120 but I got it on sale for $60. I have my socks, leggings belts etc on the bottom. I have my jeans and shirts/blouses hung up. T-shirts/tanks and shorts and all other basics are folded.( 3rd door). On the outside I decorated it with letters and photos from loved ones. So that every morning I’m waking up to something positive!

As you can see I like to keep my closets organized by use. I feel like when you add all the clothes in one closet it creates too much clutter. My closets are easy to comb through and have room to add.

New Wardrobe Rule:

Since I’m adding and revamping my wardrobe I have decided that for every one garment I get I will get rid of an old one. I have a lot of damaged, discolored and frayed garments (mainly all from forever 21). This is a great way to keep your closet organized and clean. I recently got 4 pairs of jeans and 5 shirts so I will be getting rid of 4 pairs of jeans( all damaged) and 5 shirts!.

What are some of your wardrobe rules?


One comment

  1. bnewsam · April 2, 2014

    I like your organization. Totally wish I had 3 closets! 🙂 Usually, the best I can do is try to keep my clothing sorted/hung up by type (tshirts, sweaters, etc.).


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