A girl can never have too much Disney




Decorating my new apartment has been a real challenge for me. I’ve been trying to find a balance between a classic pallet but something fun also. I absolutely love all things Disney; but because I live with my boyfriend I have to be mindful not to make things too childish or girly for him.

I bought these for my bathroom. I like that they are white which matches my towels in the bathroom and I think it’s reminiscent of Disney without going overboard.

disney bathroome

I thought puzzles would be a great way to decorate the house as well as spend time with my BF making them. Turns out he sucks at doing puzzles so I ended up making them all myself. I have some throughout the house. If you don’t like Disney; there are still some great scenic jigsaw puzzles that would be cool to add to your apartment for something new. Most people when they come over walk up to it thinking it’s a regular photo and then are shocked when they find out it’s a puzzle!

winnie the pooj


As some of you may know I’m also in a sorority( Delta Zeta); and since my favorite Disney movie is Toy Story and my fav character is woody; I was given a woody paddle! It doesn’t match the décor of the rest of the house so I have it hanging in my bedroom!


For those of you are new to decorating your apartment like me: make sure when you’re decorating you leave a piece of your house that is just for yourself. The bedroom is the best place to do it because it’s the part that is least seen by guests. My BF doesn’t want his friends coming over and seeing a whole bunch of Disney stuff throughout the house, so I have all of my crazy mismatched trinkets and posters in the bedroom. Your house should have a cohesive vibe but it should also feel personal!

Do you have any awesome Disney decorations!? What’s your apartment décor?





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  1. bnewsam · April 6, 2014

    Disney things are so fun! I don’t have many now but used to have tons of Mickey and Minnie as a child. My favorites today are moose and bunnies, but they remain mostly in my bedroom. During Christmas, I have a stuffed moose with light-up ornaments on his antlers that gets to hang out in the living room. 🙂


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