How to wear denim when your tall

Denim JeansAs someone who has always been tall I am very familiar with the constant struggle to find a good pair of jeans that actually fit! I currently work at Hudson Jeans, and we have amazing denim but it’s still hard for me to find a jean with the proper length. However I’ve always believed that if you love something then you should find a way to make it work! So I started my quest and ran across this amazing guide that I wanted to share with you all! ( Above are the jeans I bought for your reference) how-to-roll-skinny-jeans

The cropped pant, and ankle length denim is in right now, however finding that balance between your pants being trendy vs too short is a fine line. I’m 5’9 so a 30 inseam is way short for me. I have to keep them rolled. A 32 inseam skinny falls just right but if i wanted to roll it I could, and a 34 inseam is perfect!!. Based on my height here are a few of my suggestions:

If you’re always wearing skinnies and you have long legs I would suggest the first option, either with one big roll or a short roll. ( if you’re wearing a printed pant like the Krista Liberated jean above  its best to do one short roll, so as to not subtract from the print.)

If you like the boyfriend jean then the second option is best for you. This option also works well for women with larger calfs who can’t roll their jeans up to high.

If you like boot cut or your skinny leg isn’t skinny enough then you can pull it up into two big rolls

Now I only showed you all how to roll your jeans when wearing flats because all I wear are sandals; butttttt if you’re interested in how to roll your jeans with booties, heels, etc click here!

XOXO Kierra


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