Four must have Boho Accesories

Three-Bird-Nest-Header-2 As I was stumbling along the web, looking for some unique boho clothes I came across this website called threebirdsnest; and let me tell you I’m OBSSESSED! For those of you looking for some great accessories, this is the place to go!. Even if your not really into the Boho look, this site still has some casual everyday pieces that could fit for anyone’s style.



Their headbands/headscarves are very versatile, and a cute accessory to add to any outfit. They are priced at roughly $25-$28; which is a little pricey for a headband but I would still probably buy one or two. I love wearing these headbands when it’s hot or windy because it keeps my hair from getting frizzy and chaotic.


Scarves and Ponchos

I’m personally not a scarf person. I would much rather wear a jacket. However these amazing scarves and ponchos have me considering trying something different! Obviously its summer so now wouldn’t be the best time to wear them but they would be killer for winter, and a lot of these would complement some of my basics that I got from Brandy Melville.



I loveeeeee hats. They are quick and easy; so perfect for a bad hair day. I don’t have a lot of fedoras, so I’m really excited to try these out!


Hair Clips and Wraps

Since the weather has been so hot lately ive been wearing my hair up. I hate the messy hair bun look, I like to keep my buns neat; so these headbands would work really well for keeping my hair from all over the place. These are also great for the gym; a stylish alternative to the sweat bands. I will definitely be grabbing at least one or two of these for days I workout!

I will be doing a haul for this soon! Stay tuned!

XOXO Kierra


One comment

  1. bnewsam · April 14, 2014

    I like scarves, but not so much in warm weather…unless I’ll be in a lot of air conditioning.


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