Decorating my Inspirational Wall

I believe whatever you wake up to is what sets the precedence for how your day will go. For me if I wake up to a messy house then my day already starts off chaotic, if I wake up to positivity then my day starts off great!. I’m always cautious of what I surround myself with because I don’t want to carry negativity with me. So I decided to create an inspirational wall. A wall full of empowering quotes and things that will keep me inspired and motivated. One of my all time favorite authors is Maya Angelou, so i will definetly be adding some of her poetic quotes as well! It will be hanging right above my desk( which is where I do my blogging). Here are a few things that I plan to include!.

Any suggestions!?





  1. bnewsam · April 17, 2014

    I love inspirational quotes and messages I get from fortune cookies and keep them stuck in the corner of my dresser mirror. Your board idea is good, and I should try that because my things keep falling off my dresser.


  2. · July 25, 2014

    Very good post. I absolutely love this website. Keep writing!


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