New Blogging Segments

Hey All! So I’m adding a few segments to my blog. Im trying to find some interesting ways to say as interactive with you all as possible! Here are the new blogging segments coming soon

1. To buy and Try: Before I buy anything I always do my research on it via YouTube and other blogs. But I want to start asking my amazing followers what they think of a product before I actually buy it. This will also give you all the opportunity to request products you would like reviewed and to provide your own feedback on certain things!

2.  Pretty Thrifty: This segment is basically a budget friendly rendition for one of my posts. For example Mac Dupes; or a more affordable skin care routine besides the Clinique that I bought. etc. This will be a monthly segment.

3. Makeup Monday: I thought of actually calling this Mac Monday since most of my products are Mac!( we all know my obsession with my mac lipsticks); However I do want to branch out to try different things so I figured I would take you all along for the ride!. This will also be a monthly segment( but I may sneak a Mac post in there every now and then!).

4. Looks I love: OOTD roundup of looks that I like or wish I could have. Also once a week!

Blogging Schedule: I blog monday-thursday. Fridays will be the featured blog of the week. I’m trying to be more consistent with my blogging but bear with me if a miss a few days!. Weekends you can always keep in touch with me via social media!

Love you all and thanks for following!

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