The Ultimate Shopping Guide for Tall Women: Shorts

Editorial Photo shoot: Shorts


I absolutely love shorts, but being tall and long in the legs makes it difficult for me to find anything that actually fits. Aside from me creating my own shorts (which turned out to be a total failure) I’m usually out of luck when it comes to finding anything. However over the years I’ve come across a few stores that work for me.

Gap. Inc: My favouriteeeeee for short shopping. Gap and old Navy have this 3 inch-4 inch jean short that are built for the tall customer. Not only that but they have everything from the boyfriend short, to the high wasted short; anything that is currently in season they have it!!!

  • If you’re worried about the price and don’t want to spend $40 on a pair of shorts I would suggest shopping at the outlets. Get a pair there first and then if you like them, then go back for more!

Nordstrom: Also has a good selection of shorts depending on the designer. It’s a hit or miss for me but I have found a few good pairs.

Cotton on: These shorts aren’t necessarily extremely long; but they are wide at the leg opening so they look very flattering. The worst is when your shorts are too tight and the short starts to roll up and rise. My cotton on shorts don’t do that at all and they are super affordable.

Rompers: Although they are not shorts per-se they are a great alternative for those who still have a hard time with getting a decent pair of shorts. Most rompers come in fabric instead of denim so that gives you more room in the thighs and sometimes more length.

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One comment

  1. bnewsam · April 28, 2014

    I agree about GAP….LOVE their shorts! Usually, I wear cropped/capri pants more often in the summer, but GAP has some great shorts.


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