The Ultimate Shopping Guide for Tall Women: Jeans

Hudson Jeans Ad


Every tall woman knows finding a pair of jeans that are long enough is like finding a needle in a haystack!! I currently work for a denim company and have learned a few tricks of the trade that I thought would be great to share with you all!

Buckle: Has a great selection of jeans (designer and regular) with longer inseams. They also offer free tailoring services for all of their jeans. I like them because they are affordable and they have a broad selection.

Old Navy: Super Super affordable. My Old navy jeans have lasted me a long time. Not the most stylish but for an everyday jean these were my go too! The best part is that they never shrunk and hardly ever faded!! I did always make sure to wash my jeans together and inside out but overall old navy produces great denim.

Designer: Hudson; Obviously since I work for Hudson I get an awesome discount on their jeans; so I am a little biased towards our stuff; Howeverrrr premium denim overall are great investment pieces. The down side is you have to be careful how you wash them but once you have that down your good to go. A lot of premium denim companies; including mine offer a supermodel jean; which means the inseam is a size 34. ( I’m 5’9 and that’s a perfect length  for me).

Trick of the Trade: A lot of times we go into a store looking for a particular fit; bootcut, skinny etc. and if they don’t have it then we walk away. I used to make that same mistake but what I realized was the option to get my jeans tailored. Hudson has this jean called Love and it is a bootcut jean that is 34in inseam. I love the length but hate the fact that it’s a bootcut. So I have it tailored to be a straight leg and sometimes a skinny. I still get to keep the length and now I have the fit that I want. When you’re shopping look for what’s in your inseam first and then customize the fit to your liking.

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