What I use for Flawless Skin

I finally bought the Clinique 3 step system that everyone has been raving about. I don’t have bad skin; I hardly ever get acne and my face isn’t really to dry. But I do have a few dark spots that I wanted to clean up; and overall just have healthy skin. I went to Macys and bought it at the Clinique counter. They have 4 treatments; Very Dry, Dry, Combo, Oily. I purchased Dry.  It was $70 total; and it came with these gifts:

clinique goodie bag

Clinique Gift Bag

I don’t think every place that sells Clinique gives away the free goodie bag; I think it’s just because I went to the actual Clinique counter. So look out for that if you choose to buy it.  They say to give it two weeks before you start seeing some results but I’ve already noticed a few subtle changes.

  1. My face is moisturized allllllllll the time now! I used to carry lotion in my purse because my face would dry out and now it doesn’t. Even the little bit of lotion that rubs off on my hands keeps my hands nice and moisturized too.
  2. I have a dark indent on my nose because of my glasses; and it’s already starting to go away. I never paid attention to it before but now that it’s starting to go away my face looks so much clearer.

Overall I really love it. You do have to use it twice a day and sometimes that can be annoying because you forget. I also looked online to see how to apply it to make sure I was using it properly. Click here to see the video!

What Skin Regimen do you use? For those that would like a more natural and lighter skin care routine check out this post! .


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