OOTD: Met Ball

So this isn’t a traditional OOTD more like the outfits I wish I could wear; but I wanted to highlight some of my favorite looks from this year’s Met Ball!

Met Gala

  1. There is something sexy about the combination of Black and White. Love this bias cut and the flare at the bottom. Its right up my alley.
  2. Not a big fan of Kim K and I know a lot of people said this dress looked like she was wrapped in a sheet. But I personally thing its very elegant. I like the structural top and the slit. That deep navy blue looks great on her too.
  3. Can we take a second to talk about how she is wearing pants and a crop top at the Met Ball! Im Dyingggggg. Absolutely stunning. Perfect combo of glamour and edgy.
  4. I would never be able to pull off this dress because of my large chest; but the way this falls on her is beautiful!
  5. When I saw this I thought: This is fashion artwork at its finest. It’s stunning from head to toe.

one set of three


  1. I love this color blue. This dress is slimming in all the right places.
  2. Blake Lively’s dress proves that sometimes it’s not the dress, the hair, or the accessories but how the look comes together. Her whole look encompasses the true essence of glamour.
  3. This cool mermaid gown is captivating! My favorite is the detailing on the bottom.

set two

  1. I’m pretty sure I’m in love with this because of the beautifully enormous bow in the back. Obsessed!
  2. Wearing red on a red carpet is a ballsy move; but she still manages to look radiant. And I love the accordion pleating!


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