The It Bag

Every woman needs an IT bag; that bag that has just the right amount of zippers, the perfect size; and is all in all…effortless. I hate handbags that have the handle that keeps slipping off your shoulder; or even worse the bag that everythinggggggggg seems to get lost in. Over the years I have collected purses. I have everything from a Steve madden satchel(2); a rotary clock Kate spade bag(1), the classic Michael Kors tote(3) all the way to the infamous juicy couture velour bag(4)



All of these bags have served me great purpose and have transitioned with me from high school where I hardly carried anything but a notebook and a pencil, to college where I carried my life in my bag and now onto working full time where I need that perfect balance between small yet functional. Soooooo, in all my ventures with these purses I’ve developed a list of must haves for my ideal handbag:

1.   It needs to have an optional handle. Ideally satchels are made to obviously be worn on your arm (not your shoulder like a tote). But nothing is worse than shopping or doing anything and you have to set your handbag down because you need both arms to do something. Having an attachable handle is a must for me!
2.   It needs to have zippers! I hate open handbags. Especially totes that have no closure. I typically used totes while I was in college or traveling and I never wanted to bring some of my totes because I didn’t like the idea that everything was just out in the open.
3. Size is also a huge factor. I work everyday and I don’t need some massive bag. It needs to be the perfect size.

 4. Lastly it has to be leather or Faux Leather. I’ve had everything from velour, to nylon etc and the most durable is leather. Granted it’s a little bit more expensive but it looks nicer (designer or not designer) and it definitely lasts longer IF well taken care of. I have handbag covers for all my leather handbags; since leather cracks over time if not taken care of properly.

Anywho this is my list of must haves for my perfect handbag! Right now I’m using my Kate Spade Rotary Bag. Stay tuned to see what I actually decide to buy!
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