My Latest Obssession: Kate Spade

I’ve always been a fan of Kate spade. Her handbags are the perfect combo of style, and sophistication.

But apparently I fell off the Kate Spade train because I just discovered (as in yesterday at midnight) the amazing home goods and stationary products from Kate Spade. They are to die for! I literally clicked on each page and said Oh my gawwwd this is so cute. Why am I just now seeing this!

Kate Spade Wish List

Kate Spade Journal: I have this motto that pretty things make life so much easier and I discovered this when purchasing my first Lily Pulitzer agenda that I absolutely love. It has transitioned with me from college to primarily being used for my blog. I love the saying on the Kate Spade journal!

IPhone Case: I need a cute iPhone case. It’s the thing I stare at 95% of the day and it would be a lot easier if it were pretty too.I love the rotary one because it matches the rotary purse I have.

Wristlet/Messenger Bag: Perfect for a night out on the town, and it would be a fun piece to add to any outfit.

IPad Case: I’m really torn between getting a sleeve or an actual case. I think cases are more functional but sleeves come in more variety so I haven’t figured out what to get yet!

Accessories: So Ive never actually seen glasses jewelry berfore( its a ring) and for someone like me who has worn glasses my whole life I think this is super awesome! I neeed to have it!

The rest of the stuff was just little things that I thought were adorable!

What Kate Spade stuff do you have??


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One comment

  1. itsapplesandorangesblog · May 11, 2014

    Love Kate Spade and all of the items you chose! Check out our designer spotlight on this brand and our favorite picks as well <3.


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