Makeup Monday: Sephora Goodies

Makeup Primer, Laura Mercier, Benefit

A few days ago my boyfriend comes home and says “ Honey, I want to go to Sephora this weekend”. My first reaction was ummm why!? When I think of Sephora I think of makeup; so I was a little freaked that my boyfriend wanted to go to a makeup store. Long story short he wanted to buy some cologne( thank god). I went with him because I wanted to make sure he would get a scent that I could actually tolerate and of course while I was in there I did some mini shopping for myself( I couldn’t resist).

First off let me say I had absolutely no idea that you could get samples from Sephora. I know that they let you test products out and they even have makeup artist that assist you, but I didn’t know that you can choose any product in the store and have a sample of it made. I went in asking to try out the following products

  1. Lip Exfoliator: I love lipsticks and not only that but I love matte lipsticks which happens to be the most drying type of lipsticks. Although I moisturize my lips with my Eos lip balm it still doesn’t help with the lipstick peeling. Im hoping this new sugar scrub will work!(bottom right)
  2. Concealer: I use concealer for under my eyes. I use light coverage. I don’t have bags under my eyes or dark areas; I mainly use concealer for illuminating my face and crating some form of highlight. If you need a heavier concealer the makeup artist suggest the Kat von D concealer.(top right)
  3. Primer: So I know I said before that I tried the Bare essentials primer…well turns out I had the wrong brand. It was the Benefit Primer and it was amazing! Since it’s in a stick I couldn’t actually sample it so I am sampling the Laure Mercier primer instead! (top right and bottom)

I’ll be trying these this week and will let you know how they work out!

Do you use any of these makeup products? If so which brand?


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