To Buy and Try: Parfume & Liner


Im currently subscribed to allure magazines and I have been saving all the paper perfume samples. Ive been in search for a good daily scent. So far my favorite that Ive tried has been the juicy couture roller pen set. It came with 4 different scents and it was just perfect because I could try different ones each day. This week in my magazine their were 3 samples( Jimmy Choo, Armani, and Ralph Lauren). My favorite is the Jimmy Choo. Its subtle and light and also fresh. When choosing a perfume I want something that is light enough for me to wear everyday.

PS: I keep my scented papers in my dresser drawers to make my clothes smell good! My mom taught me this trick when I was a kid. =)

nyx gell

Gel liner is a popular trend that for some reason im just now catching on too but it sounds like a new fun buy! Ive also seen a ton of reviews for the Sonia Kashuk eyeliner brush; and although I probably wont be using it for a cat eye its still a great applicator.

Have any of you tried gel eyeliner? If so which kind!?


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