Makeup Monday: Real Techniques Brush

Before I even introduce the brush that I got I want to first start off by saying I really wanted to use the Costco makeup brush kit (yes you heard correctly, Costco). I borrowed a buffer brush from a friend and ever since then I haven’t been able to get my mind off of it. Unfortunately the set I want is only offered during the holidays and even though I searched high and low on the internet I stillllll couldn’t find it. I was left to find another option which is when I came across the Bare minerals Perfecting Face Brush. I tried it in store and liked it but when I got home I instantly had buyer’s remorse. This brush is great for liquid foundation (which is what I use); but the brush is meant to be used via the swirling application. Its way to soft for my liking and I felt like it made my skin look so flawless that it almost looked unnatural. Oh did I also mention it was $32!! For that price I could have gotten several brushes. I then realized that what I really wanted was not just a buffer brush but a stipple brush where you pat or dot the foundation all over your face. The bristles are often harder and denser so it picks up more product. Once I found out the technical term for the brush I wanted, I went backkk on another searching spree. I knew I wanted something affordable so I looked at sigma brushes, elf and finally decided on real techniques. I wanted to try sigma but I would have to order online and I didn’t want to wait. I currently have elf brushes so I wanted to give something else a try. Here is the brush that I purchased and what I use it for.

Real Techniques Stippling Brush


Stippling Brush: Used to apply my foundation and blush. It’s great for liquid foundation. If I want to apply my blush on heavy I use my stippled brush. Otherwise you can use a regular blush brush for a light look. I love using this brush for my mineral bronzer. It’s light so sometimes I have to apply it with the stippled brush so that it shows on my face! If you don’t like to spend hours buffing your face and making it perfect then this is for you! I also love that it’s multifunctional; there is nothing worse than having to search for the brush you need when you’re in a rush in the morning. I do plan on buying more brushes so if you have any suggestions feel free to comment!


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My 5 day routine Challenge: Monday Morning

First day didn’t go to bad. I did wake up 10 mins late, and I as I’m typing this I realized I forgot my breakfast (Oops!) I tried to do a full face makeup routine but that didn’t work out too well. I just got some new beauty products so I’m realizing I need to play around with them first; that way in the morning I can quickly apply. I applied way to much foundation, so I spent the next 10 mins taking it off and then my lipstick( MAC relentlessly red) was a little too bright and orange for me so I took that off also. I wanted to apply my lipglass but my hands had too much lotion so I couldn’t get the cap off. Pretty much the only thing I did do right was apply my eyeliner.  Also realizing I need a lot longer than 30 mins in the morning to get ready. I did take my shower last night, my clothes were laid out and I made the bed this morning! (check, check and check!)  So far so good! Stay tuned!



  1. amberrys · May 30, 2014

    The RealTechniques brushes are really amazing – I’m sure you’d love them. Especially if you’re on a budget! I’ve recently done a review on them, the blush brush and powder brush are my favs! x


    • aprettythought · June 1, 2014

      My favorite is the buffing brush! Its perfect and super multifunctional! Thanks for reading!


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