OOTD: This thing called “Jorts”

Its summer timeeeeee! Which means its shorts season! Over the years I struggled with shorts because I have really long legs and things went from cute to booty shorts very fast. I typically buy my shorts from Gap or Old Navy because of the 3inch option that they have for some of their shorts. They actually have a tall women section which is perfect for me! Anywhoooo what inspired this post wasn’t my love for Gap but this growing trend of the word “Jorts”, which means jean shorts. First off the term is lame, not to mention it sounds like a disease, but nonetheless this jorts or jean shorts (whichever word you fancy) are still a perfect addition to my summer time wardrobe. Check out the looks I love!   Exactly how I would wear it. Love the headband too!

97d7a9d83c43749c48e1f10d545c3401I like how she styled it with a belt. I wear belts with everything!

274a8d2dd6809e89c820b604454846a0Super casual laid back outfit. Love the tennis shoes and the messenger bag. Totally my style!

21375337d6b8e7ec83f20d0f9b2232e2This is a good look for spring when its hot enough for shorts but cold enough for a light cardigan. This look reminds me when I was in college!

Look oneVery dressed up way to rock jean shorts! I would probably wear this if I was going out at night to dinner or something.


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