OOTD: How to wear Overalls

They always say that history repeats itself and this is definitely true in the fashion industry. As a 90’s baby I can honestly say I’m absolutely ecstatic that overalls are back in style!! I grew up with 8 boys( all cousins), and we used to rough house alot. My knees were constantly scraped up and I was forever getting my dresses dirty. Overalls were perfect for me, because they covered the majority of my skin and I could run around in them all day long. I have yet to get my hands on my ole friend the overall; but when I do I already have a few ways I would like to rock it.

Denim OverallsThese overalls are perfect for a day off. The light denim is great for a spring look. The cuff at the bottom spices the outfit up a bit!

Leather Overalls This look is styled to not even look like an overall!. The added belt and the jacket over it makes for a very cool way to dress such a casual look.

Leather OverallsEasy everyday look. Simple way to wear overalls.

Leather Overalls

Throw in some deep colors for fall and the print makes this outfit super fun! I would do without the chunky necklace and add a bangle or a watch instead!


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  1. sistasfromcali · May 20, 2014

    cute overalls!


  2. bnewsam · May 21, 2014

    I think I still have my overalls somewhere. Might have to dig them out! 🙂


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