7 Things I Cant Live Without

  Every woman has that one item-clothes, accessories etc- that she just can’t live without. You pack it for every trip, you can wear it to dinner or to the grocery store, and it’s the thing that makes you cry when you realize you’ve forgotten it. Below are a few things that are needed in my day to day.7 Things I cant Live Without
Nude Sandals:These are my favorite pair of sandals. They go with everything and they are super comfortable. I’m flat footed so I’m not supposed to wear sandals without some type of cushion, but with these I’m not bothered at all. This is my first pair of sandals from Aldo and I will definitely be going back for more.
*In the winter time my favorite shoe are my Uggs (but we shall save that for another day).
Studded Silver Earrings: My juicy couture studded earrings: these earrings go with everything (obviously they are studs). Usually I end up taking my earrings out during the day but with these I can practically sleep in them
Smell Good: This lotion smells so good! I use it for my feet and it keeps them moisturized all day. Butter lotion is a lot thicker than regular lotion so it’s perfect for when my skin is really dry.

A great denim jean:This is the perfect wash and fit more me. It’s a great skinny and it goes with just about every shirt I have. The only thing I don’t like is the flap pocket but other than that I love it. This is my go to when I need a quick throw on.

The Slip on Dress: I wear this dress everyyyyyyywhere. I throw it on when I need to go to the store or when I’m looking for a causal easy look. The fabric is very stretchy and comfortable and the vertical lines make me look slim!

My favorite cup: So here is the thing about this cup. I have a full kitchen at my job but the dishwasher is broken and everyone is too lazy to wash dishes so the cups are never reallllly that clean. The Mason jar is too big to fit in my car cup holder so I started bringing it to work. This thing is the best. I love ice with all my drinks and the ice literally never melts! It keeps my drink really cold no matter how long it’s been out. Definitely a keeper!

Jammin with my Apple Earphones: I got these earphones when I bought the iphone 5. I’ve never really been a fan of apple headphones; I prefer the gummy headphones, but these are giving gummy a run for their money! The thing I love the most is that you can adjust the volume on the actual ear plug itself and it also has a speaker there so you can use it as a headset when you’re driving (which is perfect for me because I’m a commuter).


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