OOTD: Wear Yo Height Girl

I’ve been tall my whole life. I awkwardly hovered over all my friends, people were endlessly jealous of my long legs and my super power ability to reach anything and everything. People always say “wear yo height girlllll”, or “omg your legs are too die for”. Since I can remember I haven’t quite embraced my tallness (if that’s even a word); but every now and then a trend comes along that makes me grateful for the 5 foot 8 inches that I was blessed with. I crave a good maxi dress (we’ve been buddies for quite some time now). Maxis are perfect for those days you don’t want to wear jeans/shorts or my all time fav-when you want to wear a dress but realize you forgot to shave (it happens). They are super versatile; coming in all sorts of fabrics, some that are more casual and others that are a little dressy. You can wear them to a wedding or to the grocery store and it also transitions well with the seasons (add a blazer or jean jacket for days that are cooler). Here are a few looks I love!

Embroidered Maxi Dress The touch of boho feel to this dress is what makes this look irresistible. I would also wear this to a wedding (minus the white), or for a day of shopping and hanging with friends. The embroidery makes it both playful and sophisticated. The heavy on top and flow on bottom creates a balanced look.

Black and Nude Maxi Dress

I actually just bought this dress; currently waiting patiently to get it in the mail. My figure is long and slender; I have no curves. So a color blocked dress like this will give me a bit of an hourglass appearance (at least that’s what I’m hoping for). A jersey dress is needed in every closet plus black and nude go with everything so I would wear this anywhere and everywhere.

Lavender Maxi Dress

 This lavender color and the draping of the dress is really nice. The pastel color is perfect for spring/summer and the fabric makes it easy to wear. I like that it’s styled with a belt and a clutch to break up the color a little bit.

Hot Pink Maxi DressNow I’m not a fan of the color but I love the cut of the dress. I have to wear a bra with everything and often times Maxi dresses come backless; so this dress in particular would be perfect for me. Plus the added slit is sexy!


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  1. Courtney · May 25, 2014

    Love a good maxi dress!



  2. celyn · May 26, 2014

    wow loving all these dresses!



  3. Geraldine · May 27, 2014

    Beautiful dresses!!! I loved the nude with black dress!!!





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