Makeup Monday: Beauty Haul

This weekend I spent my lovely memorial day at Ulta anddddd a BBQ, but the BBQ is for another day! Anyhow I got some great goodies at Ulta as I do always and in fact I actually used money from a return I made at Sephora. Even though I did make a return I do have to give Sephora some credit. I bought the benefit primer and it started to make my skin break out. I realized that my face was extremely oily and it was because I was using my Clinique 3 step system( that includes a moisturizer) and then adding primer on my face as well. Big NO NO. It caused my skin to be overly oily and I instantly broke out. I returned the primer; used and in a broken box( I had only used it twice). I had my receipt and they gave me a full refund; in cash I might add with no questions asked. I then used that money to go to Ulta and bought some different beauty products. Here is what I got!

Real Techniques Core Brush Kit: I bought my first real techniques brush last week; the stippling brush and I loved it; but quickly realized it wasn’t going to be able to cover all my needs.

Real Techniques Core Collection

  1. Buffing brush: I bought the kit just to get my hands on this brush! I noticed when doing my makeup that my face wasn’t quite blending well together. This brush buffs out all of the harsh lines and creates a cohesive look on my face even when I contour and add blush.
  2. Contour Brush: I use this to contour/highlight right below my cheekbone. Works great!
  3. Detailing brush: I use this to help contour my nose and then use the buffing brush to get rid of the harsh lines
  4. Foundation brush: Haven’t really found a need for this yet. I prefer to stipple or to use the buffing brush for foundation but I may use this foundation brush to apply and then use the buffing brush to blend it all out.

Urban Decay Long Lasting Setting Spray

Urban Decay Setting Spray: I read a ton of reviews on this product and have heard nothing but great things but decided to pass when I heard it was $30. Then when I went to Ulta the lady told me there was a smaller version for $14 that I could buy and see if I liked it before I got the big one; so of course I was sold! If you’re anything like me you forget that you’re wearing makeup and constantly touch your face. My makeup always smudges or rubs off and it drives me crazy. So I’m excited to use this setting spray!

Maybelline Falsies Mascara

Maybelline Falsies Mascara: First off I must say how cool it was going to Ulta and seeing a whole display of mascara for Maybelline. It showed you how the lashes look with different mascara and then you pick out which mascara you want based on that. It’s like a mini demo! I use this on both my false lashes and regular.

Maybelline Fit me

Maybelline Fit Me Powder and Liquid: This foundation is amazing! It truly does “Fit me”. I use the liquid first and then the powder to set it. For days I want a lighter look I use just the powder; particularly in hotter weather.


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  1. loveleavelaura · May 26, 2014

    I’m thinking about getting some Real Techniques brushes sometime soon — they look great!


    • aprettythought · May 26, 2014

      They really are! I did a ton of research before I bought them and they are awesome and very affordable. Such a great purchase! Only downfall is you have to buy the kits to get some of the best brushes but it’s totally worth it! Thanks for reading!


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