The Youtube Gurus I Live By

On Saturday I went shopping for a new TV. I’m not one to go all crazy for technology so I didn’t want the fancy SmartTV or anything with a ton of gadgets. Well apparently having a dumb TV is too hard to ask for because nowadays every TV big or small is now a SmartTV. I didn’t even know what the difference was until my boyfriend explained that I would be able to automatically connect my TV to the internet and have everything stream from there. I literally got so excited and was like OMG I can watch my YouTube videos on a bigger screen! I’m almost ashamed to admit it but I have a YouTube addiction; and I don’t even do videos. I initially started getting into YouTube for hair tips and now I’ve slowly expanded into fashion and beauty; its beyond captivating. It’s like it just lures you in with all its different options and then right when you’re done watching one video it gives you a list of related videos to watch as well! I can spend hours watching and taking notes. It’s endless. Over time I’ve developed a list of gurus whose videos I literally live by. The people I follow all have the same skin tone and type as me and they have the same hair texture; so when they recommend something I go out and buy the exact same version. They have yet to disappoint so I figured I would share them with you all!

lakiastar, mzjazzy2classy

Lakiastar: She is my alllll time fave. I watch her mainly for beauty routines. She just so happens to be obsessed with lipstick and lashes just like me. We also have the same skin type so I get all of my cosmetics via her reviews( she was how I got hooked on my Clinique 3 step system).  She offers a little bit of everything for anybody and everything she does is always effortless.

Msjazzy2classy: She was my first youtube guru that I followed. I love her for hair reviews. She has a totally different skin type than me so I don’t get my beauty reviews from her but when it comes to hair I just can’t get enough. I go to her for all my hair styling tips; she taught me all the do’s and don’ts for wearing extensions.

DollFaceBeautyx : I go to her for most of my lipstick swatches. She has a great selection for mac; which we all know is my fave so whenever I need to see a live demo on what it actually looks like on my skin tone I go to her!.

Twingoddesess(no photo): So this channel actually has two people and they are twins! One has natural hair and the other has relaxed hair so I love getting the dual hair tips. They also do reviews on affordable hair extensions and companies that aren’t so popular but still produce good product. I would say the other gurus show big blockbuster movies and twin goddess show independent films. Weird analogy but it’s the only way it made sense to me. Whenever I’m looking for something different I go to them!

Obviously this is geared towards African Americans but there are still universal things to learn from all of them; these are just a few Youtubers that personally work well for me. Which youtube gurus do you live by?


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  1. Eclectic A · May 27, 2014

    I’m also addicted to Youtube and have subscribed to way too many channels. Vlogs are my biggest vice.


  2. Anthea Lau · May 28, 2014

    nice intro on some of you favourite youtubers! I love watching everything from game shows talk show to fashion content, essentially anything that’s entertaining!

    Check out my latest post on the Blog 🙂
    AL xx


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