Pretty Thrifty: Maybelline vs Mac

Hey everybody! Welcome to my new segment on my blog. I thought I would do a few blog posts about more affordable options for some of my favorite beauty and fashion products. Today is going to be all about foundation!

Maybelline vs Mac

I love my Mac lipsticks but often times I find their other products overpriced; overhyped and just not worth it. There are some ride or die Mac users; but personally the more bang I can get for my buck the better; which is why I love drugstore products. Every girl; no matter what brand your loyal too has walked into a store looking to get one thing (in my case lipstick) and walked out with something they didnt need-Mac foundation-. Overall I have good skin and I couldn’t figure out why my foundation never looked right.  At first when using my Mac foundation I thought I was applying to much, so I lessened the amount. Still didn’t work. Then I thought “maybe it’s the brushes that I use”; so I bought new brushes. Nope nothing! I finally decided to try something different; which is when I stumbled upon Maybelline fit me. My Maybelline fit me is perfect (shade 340) and I knew it as soon as I put it on. I have both the liquid and powder so I can switch between a heavy or light look. Here is the low low on both products

Finished Look

Mac: Very thick look. Great for winter or nights that I’m going out and want a full glamorous look

Maybelline: Both the liquid and powder offer both a light and heavy look. Great for everyday natural makeup and the powder is easier to pack for daily touchups if needed


Mac: Often makes my face feel heavy. I can always tell I’m wearing makeup and my face sometimes feels like it’s going to melt when it’s hot outside.

Maybelline: Light and airy. Even when I wear the liquid foundation it still feels very fresh.

Color match

Mac: My Mac is a touch darker than my actual skin tone. Takes me a little longer to blend

Maybelline: Perfect skin match. I only have to use a little bit to get a flawless finish

Overall I love my Maybelline fit me foundation way better. I knew when I bought the Mac foundation that it wasn’t for me but because I spent $50 bucks on it I figured I should use it. I bought both the powder and liquid fit me foundation for $16. At the end of the day purchases like these happen to everybody but when it comes to makeup make sure you are clear on what works best for your skin. Don’t let those makeup artists get you like they did me!


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  1. Natasja · May 28, 2014

    I have to admit I love MAC products, but I have been using Maybelline drugstore products since I was a teenager and I still love them. Thanks for the info!

    xo Natasja


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