Ballin on a Budget

NYX Concealer and BlushWhen I was in college I used to buy expensive items without a care in the world. No buyers remorse, and no second thoughts; if I wanted it I just went for it! Now that I’m no longer livin in my mama’s pocket (aka an adult), I have a whole new found love for the saying “Ballin on a budget” and the word “sale” just makes me weak in the knees. From my previous post you all know that I just bought a bare minerals makeup brush for $32 bucks! I knew when I was standing in line to buy it that it probably wasn’t the smartest purchase but I really needed a makeup brush and I had searched all day to find the perfect one. I finally get home and I’m lying in bed thinking, wow I just spend $32 bucks on a makeup brush. I could have bought two mac lipsticks for that much and been ecstatic or better yet have an entire makeup brush set!! Next day I went back to Sephora and returned the brush. I looked up some other budget friendly options and stumbled upon real techniques; where I bought their stippling brush (obsessed) and I will be going back for more of their brushes (details on that here!) My plan was to get as much as I could for my $32. I went to Ulta and here is what I got.

NYX Blush Cinnamon and Summer Bliss: These colors actually look red or like a really hot pink but when applied it’s the perfect blush for my face. NYX hasn’t always been the best brand for me but their blushes are really pigmented. Buy one get one 50% off, $8 total

NYX Concealer in Tan and Nutmeg: I use the tan to contour and highlight; and I use the nutmeg to conceal any blemishes or for days when I don’t want to apply any foundation I use just this concealer under my eyes. Buy one get one 50% off, $8 total.

All in all my total was $28(including my brush); and I got everything I needed. I had been searching for some good concealers that were affordable and I also didn’t have any blushes. I walked away really happy with my purchase and for the price of one item at Sephora I got 5 at Ulta. Definitely a great bargain!

Tip: I went to Ulta and had the makeup artist try different concealers and blushes on my face; they were using products from smashbox, nars etc but I didn’t want to spend another $25-$30 on concealer. Once I realized what I liked I then went to the other side of the store and bought the same thing but drugstore brand. I love Ulta because unlike Sephora it carries both high end brands and also drugstore products. They always have great sales; sometimes better than target or your local store so I will definitely be shopping here again!


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