Makeup Monday: 6 Step Makeup Routine

One of the reasons why I never wanted to buy makeup was because I knew I didn’t have the time to actually use it. I could never (and still don’t) understand those girls who wake up an extra hour earlier just to apply their makeup. Personally I would rather sleep!

Over time I did start to enjoy certain makeup items; like a cute lipstick to spice up my outfit or simply just wearing eyeliner. I also started to dabble with lashes but they took so gosh darn long to put on, that I only used those for special occasions (although now I wear them on a more consistent basis thanks to my lash gripper). For now my makeup takes me roughly 15-20mins; my ultimate goal is to get it down to 10mins, but for right now I’m happy with 15.


Step 1: I apply my Clinique 3 step system. I actually use my moisturizer as a primer

Step 2: Maybelline Fit Me foundation: Liquid, I apply with my Real Techniques Foundation Brush

Step 3: Maybelline Fit Me Powder; I use it to set my liquid foundation, I apply with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush



Step 4: Concealer under my eye and my nose to contour, I apply with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush

Step 5: Blush, I apply with myReal Techniques Stippling Brush

Step 6: Bronzer, I apply with my Real Techniques Contour Brush

Then to finish I add some eyeliner, mascara( sometimes false eyelashes but rarely), and lastly lipstick!

Ps: This is my 100th post! Super exciting!


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  1. bnewsam · June 2, 2014

    15-20 minutes is my routine, too. Then it’s on to straightening my hair! I’m hardly awake in the morning, so I like it simple.


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