What’s in My Bag

Im always on the go and living a commuter life has me practically living out of my purse. There are some things I just can’t go anywhere without!

What's in My BAg

  1. My NYX Lipgloss: I carry this with me when I want a light touch up. It’s not a sticky gloss so it’s perfect by itself or adding over a lipstick
  2. My apple headphones: I literally want to cry if I get to work without these. Im allowed to listen to my own music at my job so my headphones come in handy for when I just want to vibe out to some music
  3. Candy: Any kind of candy will do but I always have a snickers or an airhead on deck!
  4. My Lilly Pulitzer Agenda: I live by this planner; all my thoughts for blogging are in here and I take it with me everywhere. I’m still trying to find a cute notebook for blogging ideas and then use the planner for scheduling! I’m thinking of getting one of the Kate spade notebooks; their so fun!
  5. Baby Wipes: I use these for just about everything; to clean off my makeup or sometimes to use when eating.
  6. Lotion: My skin is really dry so I always need some type of moisturizer!
  7. Sunglasses: Always need a pair of sunnies; my drive in the morning is long and the sun is just rising. I would go blind without a pair of sunglasses!


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One comment

  1. bnewsam · June 5, 2014

    Might have to try the NYX lipgloss. Always on the lookout for ones that aren’t sticky!


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