Head over Heels: Literally

Usually when people use the term ” head over heels” they mean it figuratively; but for this awkward girl head over heels is a very literal term for me. I have no clue how to walk in anything over 2.5 inches and even still the idea of wearing that makes me freak out a little bit. Needless to say I’m a girl who loves flats; sandals in particular and with it now being summer season I’ve been going crazy! I wear a size 11 so my options are often limited but I managed to find a few cute stuff!

Shoes Farley(DSW): Love the zipper on this. It makes it interesting instead of just being a boring black sandal

Mellow(DSW): I like the brown detailing on the sandal; plus the bottom of the shoe has this fur base that looks really soft!

Tara(Sole Society): This Oxford sandal is adorable!!!!!! I really don’t like flats like Oxford’s or ballerina shoes; they hurt my feet. So to get the same look but in a sandal version is awesome. obsessed!

Etta(Sole Society): I personally think nude goes with everything; I actually prefer it over black. The white snake-skin is also cute!

Have any sandals your loving this summer?


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  1. Munachi · June 28, 2014

    The two on the bottom = to die for! especially the one on the left! They are so cute and with my foot being a size 10/11 I feel your pain. The only pair of shoes that I’m ever guaranteed to come in my size are navy and chunky diabetic shoes :/



    • aprettythought · June 28, 2014

      AHHHH so glad to find someone who feels my struggle! Thats exactly what our shoes look like; and the cute ones are always so gosh darn expensive! Thanks for stopping by!


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