OOTD: She’s Killen It

Kendall Jenner MMVA Awards
This oufit is killerrrr! I know some people feel as though it’s a little “risqué” but personally with legs like hers this is the perfect way to show them off. Here’s my spin on this amazing look.
Hair: Up in a messy ponytail; the outfit is sexy and revealing but its fun. So I would go for a tussled ponytail as opposed to her sleek look. Plus im thinking I may be a little hot up top since the dress is long sleeved and with all that beading it’s probably heavy.
Nails: Pointed nails with this look for sure! Even maybe some nail rings to keep it interesting!
Shoes: I don’t really like the shoes she is wearing; it looks like a peep toe that is suffocating her foot. I would stick to a plain strappy sandal
Makeup: Eyes would be neutral; very very minimal. I would probably only do some powder foundation and eyelashes with mascara!
Clutch: Gold clutch to keep the look cohesive!
What do you think about Kendall outfit!?

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