Queen Illuminati

If you could be a famous person for a day, who would you be? Why?


Initially when I read this question I thought to myself ” I would just want to be me but famous for a day”. I really don’t lust after anyone else’s life but If I had to choose who I wouldn’t mind being it would probably be Beyonce. Its not really about what she has but more about respect. Here are my reasons why:

Beyonce and Jay-zHer passion: I love how in tune she is with herself, her identity as a musician and her partner. I wouldn’t want a husband who was in the same industry such as her but I do love her connection to him. Its this sense of bonding and love that they have and they don’t care who sees it. Aside from their songs together she was always very private with her personal life. MUCH RESPECT!. Because I wouldn’t want anyone in my business either.

Beyonce Illumanti The Illuminati: Now  I don’t believe in the Illuminati; I really don’t get it at all; However I do respect her dedication to her beliefs. No matter how weird something may sound to the next person as long as you are able to be at peace with yourself and the journey your on; then the rest just doesn’t matter.

Beyonce FlawlessZodiac connection: We are both Virgo’s. Need I say more!

Beyonce Documentary Universal Love: If you’ve ever watched a Beyonce documentary or seen a video you notice that she dabbles in a little bit of everything. She has this undying need to see, hear, feel and embrace all different cultures and really push herself to the limit.

Overall Beyonce’s traits embody who I am and strive to be better of. If you cant be yourself then be a better version of yourself. And she would be it!. Plus SHE’S RICH!. Added perk!

Daily Post: If you could be a Celebrity for  Day



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  3. Munachi · June 28, 2014

    I’ve had your blog open in a new tab on my laptop for almost two weeks and am now finally getting around to reading and I love it! Beyonce has this great aura about her that I can’t describe yet love so much. I recently wrote a post about how her pretty much being my life motivator. She’s not my favorite celebrity in any way, shape, or for but I respect her so sooo much.



    • aprettythought · June 28, 2014

      Aww thank you! Im not Beyonce cray cray either but I have lots of respect for her too. She has truly perfected her craft!


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