Tis the Season…

One of my favorite time of year is wedding season! I use to work in the catering business and summer/early fall were always big months for us. I was 16 and was rich!( not really but i felt like I was). I recently went to a wedding this weekend and It was so much fun! I as well as most girls have a Pinterest board filled with all different wedding ideas for my not so future wedding. Now and days rustic, shabby chic, forest themes are very popular. Everything is DIY and weddings are now more simple and sweet. Personally I miss the days of weddings being in a grand cathedral; and I love a good black tie affair. I plan on making my wedding a perfect combination of formal but with a twist. Below are a few of the looks im going for.


I love the sorority badges on the bouquet! I’m in the Delta Zeta Sorority and this would be a perfect way to incorporate my sisters and how much they mean to me!


That train is OH MA GAWD!! and the cathedral veil on the right is gorgeous!


 I love having lots of flowers! The dimmed lights create such an intimate and romantic setting!

Whats your wedding style?


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