Trying Something New

New Blogging approach! 
Hey everybody; I have a lot of new fun things for my blog and I wanted to share them with you!
1. Switching from to self hosting on : I would like to have more control of my blog, So sometime in the coming months you will see a lot of cool new changes!
2. Potential new name: I’m considering changing my blog name. I feel like I’ve outgrown my currently blogging title. I’m still contemplating it but as soon as I have a name you will be the first to know! I’ve narrowed it down to 3!! So excited!
3. OOTD: I’m trying to switch from using other photos to actually using my own outfit of the day. Unfortunately I don’t have a photographer like many of these other bloggers and I usually don’t have the time to do a full photoshoot. I’m working out the kinks but for now OOTD Posts will be on hold: unless I absolutely love something and have to write about it. You can still see my Polvore sets at Polvore or instagram!
4. Daily Posts: I will be doing a post from the daily post prompt here at WordPress. I really want to try free-writing and just bettering myself as a blogger. I also want to give you all a different way to get to know me outside of my daily makeup and fashion posts. 
At the end of the day blogging is all about experimenting with things and figuring out what suits you best! As I keep adding things I’m learning what you all like most and some areas that I may need to stray away from. If any of you have tips on anything please let me know!


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