The Happiest Place On Earth

You know that scene from Tangled where Rapunzel finally escapes from her tower and she is with Flynn screaming BEST DAY EVER! Hold on….lemme give you a visual


 Can you feel the excitement? Because this is how I felt when I graduated college and my mom surprised me with a trip to DISNEYWORLD! Now as someone who grew up in california I went to Disneyland every year and I only dreamed of the days of going to Disneworld. It’s the ultimate experience for a Disney lover( I’ve also been to Disneyland in paris!).  I went on this trip a few months ago and am just now getting around to posting about it… #sorry. I visited 3 parks; Epcot Center, Discovery Kingdom, and Magic Kingdom. I have tons of pictures but since Epcot was my favoriteeeeeeeeeeeee I figured that’s what I would post about.  So let’s get to it! PICTURES!!


So my brilliant mother and I happened to stumble on the food and wine festival. It was completely unplanned; we had no idea that this festival was going on but we were overjoyed when we found out what it was. Since Epcot center is an around the world experience the food and wine festival provides samplers of authentic food from each country you visit. I literally ate around the world. How cool is that!!!

Ireland: I tried the Lobster and Seafood Fishermans Pie. Normally don’t do seafood but this was ahhhhhmazing!

France: Creme Brulee. Need I say more!

Belgium: Belguim Waffles. I actually don’t like breakfast food. Its my least favorite meal of the day but whenever I do eat it I get belgium waffles and these were insanely good! It was hot, not too crispy and it had melted berries on top. Pure Heaven!

Morocco: So I didn’t like the food here but the little town designated to Morocco looked like it was straight out of Aladdin. It was beautiful! Oh and did I mention that in every country there are people who are actually Morrocan; irish etc that work there. Everyone in Morroco was Morrocan so you really got a raw glimpse at their culture.

Italy: I wanted to try everything from this country but I ended up getting the Salsiccia e Papacelli; which is sweet italian sausage with peppers and onions on ciabatta bread. Yum!

Disneyworld This is a little miniature town that they had built between Germany and Poland. I can’t quite remember what its a replica of but I thought it was interesting!


This was right in the front of Epcot. Its a full bin of fresh cranberries! I love cranberry flavored anything so I was super excited to see this.  Disneyworld

 Last but not least my FAVORITE thing the whole time we were there. I’m still dreaming of this Rocky Road Candy Apple! Werther Original is based in Germany so when I visited this country I just had to get some desert! They were actually making caramel and chocolate at the factory so the deserts were fresh! This candy apple literally lasted me like 2 days. I tried to savor every moment. Delish!

I couldnt have asked for a better graduation gift!


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