4 Things I wanted to Like but Didnt

Every now and then you buy an item your extremely excited to have but turns out to be a huge disappointment. You want to like it soooooooooo bad and you feel like it fails you. Well lately the more I’ve been experimenting the more that’s been happening. So I figured why not blog about it! Here a just a few things that to my surprise weren’t really the bees knees.

Victoria secret body wash: I bought two different types; one the regular liquid version and then the other an exfoliating scrub. The liquid ran out so fast! As soon as I would get adjusted to the scent it would run out! The scrub was definitely exfoliating and lasted longer but personally for the price of Victoria secret body wash I don’t feel like it’s worth it.

Try: Olay body wash: I bought them in bulk at Costco. Makes my skin super smooth and lasts a long time!

Goddess Sonia Kashuk: I don’t know if it’s the shimmer or just that the color is to sheer but it does not do anything for my skin tone. I feel like glitter slapped my face!

  Try: If you have a bronzer you don’t particularly like try and use it as an eyeshadow. This bronzer is a perfect gold for a base for my eyes.

Benefit 15hr primer: I tried this once at a friend’s house and loved it; so I was ecstatic to finally pick it up at Sephora. To my surprise it made my skin breakout. My face felt extremely oily; so I eventually returned it

Try: instead of primer use a moisturizer. I use the Clinique moisturizer lotion and it works great!

Mac Liquid Foundation: I knew I didn’t want their foundation in the first place but I got stooped into buying it. I will say a little does go very far and the foundation has lasted me almost a full year but it’s too much coverage for my face and it’s slightly darker than my natural skin tone.

Try: Maybelline fit me! I love the powder for a natural look and the liquid for a heavier look. Both fit me perfectly.

What are some things that you wanted to like but just didnt?




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